Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why write on travel?

I was recently asked why do I want to write on travelling?

Well, for me, Travelling is a very personal thing. I love watching people go about their daily lives, their beliefs, their behavior, their traditions, their food and language and on and on. I love the fact that people living in completely different parts of the world, have many more things they share in common than differences. For me that commonality defines humanity. The emotions of a parent in United States is no different than the emotions of a parent in Darfur when they look at their sick and hungry child. The rivalry of two siblings is the same everywhere, no matter what language is spoken at home. The events that trigger tears of pain, joy and pride are the same everywhere.

What varies from one place to another is the interpretation and depiction of these shared values, the concept of personal space, the concept of time and of course the gorgeous natural landscape. I love to travel and I wish everyone else would too. So, I want to share my thoughts, impressions and feelings about travelling. Its as simple as that!

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